We create and produce solutions for your bathroom space.


Since 1996, at AML Group S.A., we manufacture and develop Bathroom Furniture for the main distributors in Europe, the USA, Central America, and Africa.

Located in the municipalities of Braga and Guimarães, in Northern Portugal, we have a total area of 10.000 m2.

Driven by family values and collective work, we aim to continue being a reference in the national and international sector, built upon strategic and progressive planning.


The desire to innovate and create differentiated, high-quality products drives our team of designers to develop solutions with their own personality that are tailored to the character of their users.


Located in Guimarães, White Banho, a company within the Group, is housed in a facility with 6.500 m2 and has a daily production capacity of 500 pieces of furniture.

Due to the need to constantly adapt to market trends and evolution, striving to be more efficient and innovative, we have implemented the Lean Manufactoring system in all of our processes.

We have the latest equipment that allows us to enhance the quality of our products and our responsiveness, meeting the needs of our customers.

Logistics and Commercial

Located in Braga, AML Group is housed in a modern facility with 3.500 m2 and a storage capacity of 2.800 pallets.

We have modern equipment, such as a WMS system (Warehouse Management System) and packing robots, that allow for greater logistics efficiency.

In order to ensure compliance with all processes, we have implemented the NP EN ISO 9001 standard.

In this unit, you will also find the Commercial, Development, Innovation, and Administrative Departments.


We are committed to respecting and protecting human rights as well as the environment throughout the value chain.

We use PEFC™ certified materials and recycled materials, reducing CO2 emissions.

Our production unit promotes separation and recycling, with equipment for the transformation and energy recovery of production waste.

Our goal is to reduce our environmental footprint through efficient management of the natural resources in our activity, allowing their preservation for future needs and leaving a better planet for future generations.

About us | AML Bath Feel

About us | AML Bath Feel